What is a Solar On Grid System?

The on-grid solar system is one of the latest technologies available in the market. It is a power generation system that directly connects to your electricity meter. This technology gives you an alternative source of energy helps in keeping your electricity bills low and also saves a lot of money from running your appliances on electricity.
An on-grid solar system, is the most widely deployed form of rooftop solar across the world.
Ganit Solar provides the best Solar on – grid system which reduces electricity during day time and can be synchronize with the grid. They have plug and play power plant system which is noise free, smoke free and pollution free that means Eco Friendly.
Know About the On-grid System and How Does It Work?
A solar power system that is designed to be connected to the utility grid is known as an on-grid solar power system. The electricity generated in this system is fed into the grid and used to power the appliances.
It’s a system that’s significantly less hassle-free to use and manage.
The generated electricity is fed into the grid, where it is used on a daily basis.
The net metre also known as “Bi-Directional Metre”, which records the energy given to the grid and the energy used. The unpaid amount is noted at the end of each month, and you are sent a bill.
What are the Benefits of Using an On-Grid System?
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